Gutter Guards in Connecticut

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Gutter Guards Benefits

Our gutter installation would not be complete without providing our customers the option of installing gutter guards, the next level of protection. Gutter guards prevent leaves and other debris from entering you gutters, which means they are virtually maintenance-free, and you never have to worry about clogs or backups, which can overflow your gutters and lead to flooding.

Why Gutters Matter

Englert Gutter Guards System

We offer Englert MicroGuard gutter guard system that will not only eliminate blockage and the periodic need to clean your gutters but will also strengthen and protect them from the weight of snow and ice during Connecticut’s winter months.

We recommend this gutter guards system because:

  • MicroGuard system is designed to keep small twigs, pine needles and debris from clogging gutters 
  • Great curb appeal – will not interfere with roof lines – it can be installed on all, or isolated sections of gutter with heavy exposure to trees – it’s virtually invisible from the street so no one will notice it’s there 
  • MicroGuard system will not penetrate roof shingles and therefore won’t void roof warranties 
  • Maximum strength, constructed of heavy gauge 032 aluminum – won’t bow, bend or separate from the gutter 
  • Quick and easy to install on almost any 5 or 6 inch gutter system 

Super happy with the service.

I used Tom’s company to install gutters and repair some in mid Oct 2020. He gets 5 stars because his work was excellent.

Steven Lopez 1/26/2021

They did a wonderful job...

They came in, 3 hours later done! My property is clean they left nothing behind and I am happy with the job. I will highly recommend them to any one looking to get their gutters installed/fixed.

Vincent S. Felicella 2/1/2021

Good price, free estimates and very fast

Tomasz and the team did a great job replacing the gutters on my home and I highly recommend them! I was pleased with every aspect.

Barbara Moscova 10/30/2020

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